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CCSD Archives preserves and shares the history of the Clark County School District, Nevada. Based out of Las Vegas, it is maintained by the Archive Committee which is a team of current and former educators.

    In 2006, the Clark County School District celebrated its fiftieth anniversary by gathering and sharing mementos from the past. Out of this experience, the Archive Committee was born to preserve the history of the CCSD. As word spread, the Archive Committee amassed a sizable collection of documents, photographs, maps and other artifacts. As a way to share these artifacts and tell the story of the School District, the Archive Committee published Education in the Neon Shadow: The First 50 Years of the Clark County School District. Since the book only contains a portion of the archive, this site exists to share additional memories.

 It is doubtful that anyone could have predicted that a tiny railroad stop in the middle of the desert would become a world-renowned resort destination, let alone be home to over three hundred thousand students.
  Yet fifty years later, the Clark County School District continues to grow and flourish, facing the challenges of providing for new students while maintaining standards for the existing student population. With optimism and dedication, CCSD's commitment to excellence in education will survive another fifty years.

Welcome to the new and improved CCSD Archive Committee website! 

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