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About Us

    The Archive Committee formed in 2006 as a result of the Clark County School District's 50th anniversary and Nevada's 100th birthday. While looking to the future, it was also a moment to reflect on the District's past. June Nelson of the CCSD’s Communications Department recruited District old timers to help her organize activities to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the CCSD. Initially, the group met in the Communications conference room at the District's Administrative Center on Sahara. The culmination of that research was published in the book Education in the Neon Shadow: The First 50 Years of the Clark County School District which was published in 2009. Namesakes Charles Sylvesteri and Frank Lamping sought donations from friends of the CCSD to pay for the editing and publishing expenses. Jami Carpenter did the lion’s share of editing. Stacey Fott coordinated efforts with the writers, editors and publisher. 

    After publication, the Archive Committee realized that there were many additional stories to be told. So the Committee began chasing down these additional histories. At this time, the group moved into a portable classroom at Orr Middle School. Whether about school music programs or student transportation, these stories were initially published in booklet form. Abbreviated versions often appeared around the District in display cases. James Williams, Dennis Ortwein, Dayle Rust, Julie Newberry, Maurice Flores, and Nancy Schkurman are retired school administrators who helped write booklets and collect information that helped relate the CCSD's past with the present. Donna Perkins and Helene Amos are retired school officer managers that made significant contributions. Julie Doyle is a former school librarian who contributed to the our understanding of key issues related to public acceptance of book and media collections. Rick Watson, Kay Carl, and John Gallifent played leadership roles during this time. These mini-histories were quickly published on our website. Launched by Ryan Dwyer in 2010, the enormous site featured over 215 pages of content. In 2024, he transferred everything into this new and improved site. In any case, old age and death have claimed some of our archivers as new history buffs have taken their places. Chief amongst these are the O’Days. Joyce was a history teacher at Western High School and her husband Dan has been an eyewitness to local school history. Freddie Breen is a newcomer from the ranks of retired school principals. Angelique Heidt used to teach preschool and has served as Secretary. When her son Stephen Heidt is between college classes, he also helps out. Through the years, the School District has provided various homes for the archives. The group moved into the Sahara offices in 2019. In 2022, we relocated to our current residence which is just behind the Edward A. Greer Education Center.

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