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  Music, music, music…. In a town where there is a working musician on nearly every block, it should not come as a surprise that the schools in Clark County Nevada have exemplary music programs.

  Clark County School District was once again selected as a winner of the BEST COMMUNITIES FOR MUSIC EDUCATION IN THE UNITED STATES 2016 by the National Association of Music Merchants. That was the seventeenth time the district has received the award.

  The award brings recognition, visibility, and support for music education in the schools including vocal, instrumental, dance and movement, and creative improvisation. CCSD’s solid Orff curriculum at the elementary level provides the basis for an ever-widening field of choices and specialties for students at the middle and high school levels.

  Elementary music brings young children in the Clark County School District in touch with a wide variety of instruments including drums, xylophones, recorders and….their very own instruments, their voices. They study the music of many cultures, the music of their families, the music of their state, of their country and, yes, the world.

  Children learn music by making music, moving to music and reading music. Teachers in elementary schools employ the Orff Program as a basis for music instruction. This curriculum inspires creativity, improvisation, experimentation and collaboration while encouraging students to do what they do instinctively…PLAY.

  Music lessons coordinate with classroom curriculum in social studies, science, mathematical concepts, and literature, all while fostering the natural love of music in the students. Music turns on smiles and makes light dance in children’s eyes. Music participation delivers lifelong skills such as confidence and creativity.

  Music offers the opportunity for performances and sharing, in the classroom, in the halls, on the stage, and in the car driving home from a ball game.

This collection was last updated in 2016.

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