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Online Collections

    The Archive Committee's mini-histories can be thought of as exhibits within an online museum. While these exhibits can be accessed through the Collections menu found on the top of every page, this directory page offers an annotated list of our online archives. If you're new to our site, this is a great place to begin your visit. 

Shoebox Photo Collection

     Unlike the other sections, this collection has no theme. The goal is to showcase some of archive's most compelling photographs. As one of our largest exhibits, this is a stroll though history and a revealing look at what it was like to go to school back in the olden days. Indeed, the emphasis for this chronological journey is on early history as it begins in 1905 and finishes in 1935. While this is a visual experience, the directory page contains a written history of education in Southern Nevada. This includes the time before the formation of the Clark County School District.  

Student Transportation

    The student transportation section explores the history of how students get to and from school. Beginning with the earliest forms of wood planked vehicles and ending with wifi enabled vehicles, the focus here is on District provided bussing. Driving training, bus safety, maintenance and repair is also explored.   


School Nursing

   The school nursing section explores the history of health professionals in schools.  Specific nurses are showcased along with the role played by the giving of Polio vaccines and the conducting of screenings for vision, hearing, and dental wellness. As the certification process changed, this section also explains how school nursing was impacted by Public Law 94-142. 


Music Education

   The music education section explores the history of music programs. Early music educators are given their due. The introduction of Orff is explained along with the development of a music related curriculum. This section also covers the evolution of teacher education and the introduction of music festivals in Southern Nevada.  


Bonds History

  A wise man once said to "follow the money" as a way to gain insights into how organizations work. Along these lines, this section explores how communities in Clark County have paid for public education. There are fantastic photos of school architecture. Beyond Vegas, this section also spends time on rural communities. 


Westside Schools

   The Westside is the historically Black neighborhood in Las Vegas and North Las Vegas. This exhibit explores the various schools in that part of town, along with their namesakes which often had a connection to the community. There is also a history on the efforts to desegregate the community. 


Rural Schools

   Clark County is more than the Vegas Valley. It encompasses 8,061 square miles, which makes it larger than Connecticut. This exhibit puts a spotlight on rural communities like Searchlight and Boulder City. Each community has a spread that shows remarkable photographs. 

03 Guinn_edited.jpg


   People often love or love to hate CCSD superintendents. This chronologically ordered page shows photos of our leaders. 


The History of the Archive Committee

   While this site serves to document the history of education in Southern Nevada, what's the story behind the CCSD Archive Committee? This is the story of how a group of current and former educators came together to preserve the story of schooling in Clark County.

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