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Student Performances


Orff Festival
    The Elementary Music Orff Festival has been held annually for the past 24 years. Teachers volunteer to donate three Saturdays of their own time to write, produce, and create a program which showcases the Elementary Orff Program. Each year, the theme of the Festival changes. The approximately 250-300 students who participate each year come from elementary settings all over the district.
  Credit for the creation of this festival goes to Randy DeLelles and Kay Lehto who brought the idea from Karen Medley and the Memphis School System. With the support of Dr. Kay Carl, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education and Curriculum Services, and Nancy Schkurman, Coordinator of Fine Arts, this activity became a yearly celebration of the captivating musicianship of our children

UNLV Choral Festival
   Shireen Beaudry-Johnson shares her memories of the founding of the Elementary Choral Festival: “In 1978, I was teaching at Robert E. Lake Elementary. I got a grant from the State of Nevada to hire Rainbow Company to train and direct my music students in a production of Twelfth Night…That began my interest in refining student performance by bringing students to listen to/perform with middle and high school performers. I wanted them to experience the college choral sound. As I pursued my masters in 1989, I spoke with Professor David Weiller. Together we created the Clark County Elementary School Choral Festival.

To this day, the Choral Festival occurs every Spring at UNLV’s Ham Hall. It is now over 25 years old.

Regional Choral Festivals
  In addition to the UNLV all-city invitational festivals, the CCSD also gathers small groups of children each year into Regional Choral Festivals. These are not judged and juried like the secondary schools. They are simply sharing experiences for elementary level choirs and performing groups.

Other Performances by Elementary Students
  Clark County School District encourages schools to develop a strong relationship with their school communities. Inviting the community into the school for events, celebrations, programs, and performances enhances this relationship, provides community feedback opportunities, and builds strong bonds between the school and the community at large. And, behind the scenes, chances are there is a music teacher.

Steel Drum Ensembles
School Dedications
March Music In Our Schools Month Celebrations
Music Demonstrations for Parents
Fine Arts Nights
Parent Invitations to Music Classrooms
Recorder Ensembles
Piano Lessons and Ensembles
Multicultural Dance Sessions
Orff Instrument Ensembles
Storytelling Performances
Instrument Improvisation Solos
Creative Dance
Poetry and Folk Tales
Sing-A-Longs with the Whole School
Tree Planting Ceremonies
Patriotic Ceremonies
Musical Theatre
Tap Dancing
School Board Performances
Guest Performances at Conferences and Conventions
Community Holiday Settings at Shopping Centers and Stores
Community Invitations
School and Community Anniversaries
Holiday and Special Ceremonies at Schools such as Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, Patriotic Holidays, Thanksgiving, and Winter Holidays
Parent-Teacher Regional Meetings
Retirement Events
Parades and Community Special Events
Renaissance Festivals with Teacher Recorder Groups
Guitar Groups
Choirs and Choruses


Teacher Education

Gilbert Magnet School

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