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Moapa Valley: Overton, Part 1

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1881 The first school classes were held under cottonwood trees until a new school was completed. This building had two rooms and a thatched roof, and was used until 1900.

1900 A new long one room adobe was built as a school. Later a tent was set up beside the adobe to accommodate the growing number of students.

1905 In 1905 the building pictured above was being used as a school and church.

1914 A new school was built in Overton to house all 12 grades.

1918 Education District No. 1 was formed. All schools in Moapa Valley, Virgin Valley and the surrounding area came under this jurisdiction.

1922 Overton - A new addition to the school was added. It consisted of a 250 seat auditorium and a gymnasium on the second floor.

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