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Mentions of education in the town's newspaper.



The Searchlight, October 2, 1903

  The school board announces that it has engaged Miss Alma Tuttle of Perris, California as teacher for the coming year. Miss Tuttle besides being a competent teacher is also an accomplished elocutionist and musician. She comes highly recommended and the board is to be congratulated on its fortu
nate choice. School will open about the 15th of this month.
Pending the Settlement of the strike it will be impossible to secure the use of the Miner's union hall and school be held in the old school house.

The Searchlight, May 20, 1904

  Considerable interest together with more or less friction is being manifested in the coming elections of school board trustees. There is the usual lack of harmony, voters are at loggerheads with one another and all sorts of stories and rumors are abroad. The reason for the unusual interest is because the board elected will be called upon to determine the site for the new school house.
  One story current is to the effect that the Quartette Company desires to have the school located at its mine. This is not so. What the company wishes is that the school be built at the west end of town either on the present site or nearby. The argument being that such a location would be central for all concerned. The favored by the town's people is at the east end of town.
  The question to be decided by the trustees is at which end of the town the new building is to be erected.
  Unquestionably the school building should be within the limits of the town and at the same time it is only fair and just that the rights and wishes of all should be considered.

The Searchlight, September 12, 1904

  Work began this morning on the new school building. The site selected by board is on a knoll in front of the Searchlight office. No satisfactory bids were received so the work is to be done by the day. E. J. Rawson is the head carpenter. The building will be 20x30 feet in size and one story with a belfry.

The Searchlight, September 29, 1905

  School had such a large attendance that there were not enough desks for everyone. New ones ordered.

The Searchlight, May 11, 1906

  The Searchlight public school will close on Friday, May 18. This year Searchlight has had eight months of school, which is the longest period since its establishment.

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