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1877  Myron Abbott started teaching night school in November, in a lumber shanty at "Settlers Point", until Teacher Charles Hoth arrived.

1878  Teacher Charles Hoth held classes in a willow shanty. Life began politically for the community in November when in response to a petition of the settlers, the officials of Lincoln County created the precinct of Bunkerville. At this time a school district was also granted.

1880  The community erected the first public building, known locally as the "flag school house". It was an adobe building with a gable roof made of bull-rushes (called “flags”) with sod plastered on top.

1885  A lumber school was being constructed and nearly complete when strong winds destroyed it. Classes then moved to private homes while the school was being rebuilt.

1900  The community constructed a church and school building combination with native rock. It had a stage at the south end and an addition (75x100) for classrooms. In December 1920, the building caught fire while school was in session and the complete inside was burned out leaving only the rock walls. Martha Cox was one of the first instructors in the old rock building.


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