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Indian Springs


    Indian Springs is a small community 40 miles northwest of Las Vegas with a population of about 1300. Indian Springs was named for the artesian spring that provides water to the area and was used by Native Americans over centuries. The Las Vegas and Tonopah Railroad had facilities there from 1906 to 1919, after which the service was discontinued.

   By 1923 there was a school that was open off and on through the next two decades. In 1941 the Army Air Force opened a training area at Indian Springs which closed in 1947 and reopened in 1948 as an auxiliary air field to Nellis Air Force Base. In 1956 the educational activities of the small community became part of the Clark County School District and by 1968 a new school was constructed that eventually housed all grades through high school.

   Today Indian Springs is home of the renamed Creech Air Force Base which is used by the USAF Thunderbirds and is home of the USAF Predator, an unmanned aerial vehicle. The 1968 school campus has been expanded and remains in use today as the K-12 Indian Springs School.

    While Education in the Neon Shadow features a section on Indian Springs, not all of the Archive Committee's collection fit into the publication. To view additional artifacts on this community, take the Indian Springs tour. Begin by clicking the below START button or click on thumbnails to jump to an individual page. 

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Indian Springs Tour

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