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1971 - 1973


1971 The introduction of health aides to assist nurses with their duties began in 1971 when Kay Samolovich, a school district nurse, designed and taught a nine-week health aid class at UNLV. This successful program grew from the initial twelve to almost four hundred health aides today, throughout the entire Clark County School District.

At first health aides were assigned to secondary schools and special needs schools (Miller, Variety and Stewart). In the 1990s the name was changed to First Aid Safety Assistant, (FASA) and every elementary school was given a FASA position.

1972 University of Nevada Las Vegas expanded its Associate Degree program in nursing (established in 1965) to provide a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. CCSD School Nurse Shirley Smith was a member of that first graduating class. In the 1970s she provided inservice for school nurses on physical assessments with students.    Nurses continued to make home visits and work with families to locate community resources for help with student's medical needs. They would also transport to clinics, doctor visits, home or emergency care.


In 1972-73 the first procedure manual for school nurses was developed. It was described as a major breakthrough. This standardized the duties and responsibilities of nurses in Clark County.

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