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Sandy Valley


     Sandy Valley began in the late 1800’s as five mining communities in the Spring Mountain area known as the Yellow Pine Mining District. The mines produced gold, silver, copper, lead and zinc. Since the 1930’s mining in the area has been significantly reduced. There have been residents in the valley since 1893, including families with children.

   A school operated off and on from 1911 until 1936. The Bartine School District was organized in 1926, which was succeeded by the Spring Mountain School District in 1927. After 1936 Sandy Valley students were sent to Goodsprings and Las Vegas. In 1982 the Clark County School District opened the Sandy Valley Elementary and Middle School. In 2007 the CCSD opened a new High School. Today some 2000 rural dwellers call Sandy Valley home.

    While Education in the Neon Shadow features a section on Sandy Valley, not all of the Archive Committee's collection fit into the publication. To view additional artifacts on this community, take the Sandy Valley tour. Begin by clicking the below START button or click on thumbnails to jump to an individual page. 

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Sandy Valley Tour

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