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Other Transportation Services

 Today the Clark County Transportation Department provides to and from school services for students residing two or more miles from their home-zoned school. In addition, the District continues to grow the Magnet, Career and Technical Education Programs as well as other specialized programs that prepare students with career-oriented skills. Students have the opportunity to submit applications to these programs. In an effort to offer transportation services, large geographic areas of the county are considered “transportation eligible” areas. Many of the bus stops servicing Magnet and Technical programs are centralized at nearby high school locations. The centralization of the bus stops, allows transportation options for students while keeping transportation funding increases to a minimum. The Transportation Department also provides services for secondary schools participating in athletic activities, fine arts, and other extracurricular functions.

   In the late 1990’s, the Transportation Department began the extraordinary task of transitioning its routing and scheduling operations from pins and string on a wall map to a computerized routing software system. Advancing the day to day routing operations into a computerized system allowed for increased efficiency, reduction of fuel costs, improved communication with drivers, and overall more effective transportation services. Just a few years later, an online parent and school portal was established. The portal allowed parents and school staff access to view and print bus stop information, route reports, and student rosters.

  In the early 2000’s, effective and responsive customer service began to take center stage. As the student population continued to expand and grow by thousands of children each year, so did the need for communication. The department office staff struggled to be highly responsive to parent calls, school personnel calls, and 2-way radio transmissions with drivers in the field. As a means to address the struggle, a central call center was established. The Transportation call center quickly became an essential tool for parents, school personnel, and employees.

  There are over 1,500 bus routes a day. The Transportation call center is a tool for parents, schools, and employees to get route information, bus stops, expected time of arrivals, and other Transportation information. The call center has a staff of 13 employees to assist customers with initial inquiries and to direct calls to appropriate Transportation satellite facilities if needed.

All buses purchased since 2014 are equipped with video/audio cameras.

Types of Buses
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